Stephen Shaheen is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work engages in a broad range of experimentation. exploring ideas on Empire, Deep Time, and the intersections between the geological and the living.  
Artist and critic Ajay Kurian notes: “Stephen Shaheen works at this juncture of structure and decay, reverence and irreverence, teasing out our cultural and historical connections to Earth’s geological memoir.”
"Shaheen selects atypical stones, ones with strong vascularity, anomalies, even defects. Their strangeness often elicits equally strange formal and conceptual invention, however Shaheen’s selection is also partly due the  overburdening of conventions associated with the material…Rather than herald or continue the material legacies of Empire, Shaheen is more keen to focus on the elegy that stone can elicit.”
Shaheen’s work has been shown in various institutions and private galleries, and large-scale works have been sited in outdoor permanent collections, both private and public.  Awards he has received include grants from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, the La Fortuna Foundation/Italian Cultural Institute, and artist residencies at the Vermont Sculpture Center and Digital Stone Project.  
Shaheen directs an annual artist residency in Carrara, Italy for The New York Academy of Art, and he has lectured at various institutions, including Princeton University, the American Institute of Architects, the Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, Kutztown University, Rutgers University, Dartmouth College, the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island School of Design Museum.  
Photos courtesy of Martin Hyers